Every social group must have one member who is filled with wanderlust and is super excited to be on the road. It can be quite tricky to buy the right gift for them since; they are rarely home to us and cannot carry everything in their backpack. So here is a list of a few gift ideas, you can refer to, while  buying something for them. Nothing will cause them more comfort on the road than a thoughtful gift from you.

Travel Journal 

Every traveller needs a journal to keep track of all their adventures or human interactions. A diary to note down their thoughts during lonely nights on a solo trip. A travel journal will act as if you are listening to their heart even from a distance.


A lightweight and compact backpack with maximum storage that can hold maximum things without being heavy. These can be very expensive and their travel blogger budget might not be enough to afford it. So an upgrade will make their life very much easier.

Travel Pillow

A travel essential while living a transient lifestyle. A soft and comfy travel pillow will be a blessing during the hours long flights, airport waits, camping nights, and cheap hostel stays. Such a gift will ensure that they enjoy a good night’s sleep while hopping  from one country to another.


Everyone faces the problem keeping their possessions such as mobile, wallet, and keys secure while swimming in the ocean. Consider it as a waterproof portable safe, they can put their belongings in, to enjoy a relaxing swim. A safe and easy way to keep track of their valuables.

Filtration Bottle

Finding clean drinking water can be a struggle for travellers and buying packaged water bottles is not ideal for our environment. Luckily, some brands have understood this problem and have taken the initiative to launch reusable bottled with a filtration system built in it. The filters installed in the bottle will purify the water as one sips through it.

Thermal Clothing

These are professionally designed to keep travellers warm and toasty in freezing temperature. Most importantly, these are lightweight, take up less space when folded, and do not restrict any body movement.


A minimalistic tool with maximum functionality. It is a handy gadget with a saw, scrapper, sander, and grinder, all in one body.  You can get their initials engraved on it for a personalised touch and also to make it feel special.

Gift Cards

Adventures like paragliding, skydiving, and scuba diving are often the highlights of a trip but they can be financially taxing as well. Most of the time, travellers have to cut down on some essentials just to afford them. Therefore, gift cards to such attractions which they can avail during their travels will be highly appreciated.

Shampoo And Conditioner Bars

These will make their life a whole lot easier while reducing their plastic waste as well. With these bars, they would not have to worry about their shampoo bottle exploding in their backpack resulting in a nasty mess. 


Hammocks are easier to set up than a tent and ideal for warm climates where one wants to sleep under the glittering night sky. Most importantly, these can be packed down to the size of a water bottle and takes up less space in their carry on.

Solar Charging Power Bank

While roaming through offbeat tracks, your friend might struggle to find a power source to charge their phone. In that case, a power bank that charges itself using the energy from the sun will be a life saver.

These practical gifts will act as a token of your love and affection to your friends even when they are miles away from you on the other side of this world..