When COVID-19 spread like wildfire across the world, many countries put a ban on international travel due to safety and health concerns. That yearly vacation to your favorite international destination may have been delayed by a few months, or even a whole year, but that should not stop you from exploring the many wonders around you or just a few hours away.

Road trips became more and more popular during the pandemic and traveling by car was now the new fad that could sate your hunger for travel and exploration. Taking the plane or a train to another country may be incredibly fun, it simply does not compare to the thrill of traveling by car and enjoying nature and civilization up close.

You Choose Your Itinerary and Your Schedule is Your Own

One of the main reasons why traveling by car is superior to other modes of traveling is because you are not restricted by time. When you purchase a plane or train ticket, you need to follow the timeline and ensure you present a few hours before the time of departure.

While that may not bother you, having your own schedule and traveling by your own rules liberates you from time constraints and pressures.

If you are staying at a destination you really like and your mode of travel is by car, you can easily extend your stay for another day or two without fretting over the expenses of missing a flight.

When traveling by car, you can plan your own route and pick the most scenic road to your destination. The choices are limitless, and you are the captain of your ship!

There is More Room to Pack Items

The main concern for many airline passengers is the restricted baggage weight that they are allowed to travel with. Anything above that threshold and you are not granted a boarding pass. You will need to remove excess baggage and either go all the way out and hand it to a family member before getting in the queue again or paying a lump sum for additional baggage.

If you are off to a destination with a cold climate, you will need to carry heavy warm clothes with you and this will require additional baggage, especially if you are planning to stay for longer than a week. The standard airline baggage allowance is simply not practical for the average traveler.

When you are traveling by car, you can pack as much stuff as you can fit in the trunk or even the backseat. Overpacking is never an issue when traveling by car because at least you will not be forced to leave behind essentials.

You Can Save a Lot More When Traveling by Car

If you have ever traveled via plane or train, then you are familiar with the expenses involved. Even standard or economy seats in a train or an airplane will suck your wallet dry but traveling in a car is far cheaper and all you need to spend on is fuel.

Sure, you may get a flat tire but that is rare, especially if you get everything checked prior to traveling. Paying for maintenance or getting a flat tire replaced is still far cheaper than an airline ticket.

In addition to this, you can travel with friends and family without having to pay thousands of dollars for airplane or train tickets alone. This way, you can also share the cost of fuel.  

You Can Experience Nature and Civilization in All its Glory

When you choose to travel by car, you can enjoy the scenic views all around. Be it mountains, lakes, waterfalls, flower fields, views of the sea, etc., you can soak it all in when driving yourself.

Airplanes can be fun too but once you are high in the sky, there is not much to see from outside the window. Even when traveling by train, you cannot make a stop and enjoy the sights whenever you want, but you can certainly do that in a car.

You Can Explore Areas Around the Country You Never Thought of Visiting Before

It may not be international travel, but we often forget to savor the many natural wonders around our country or nearby regions. Traveling by car gives you the opportunity to explore these stunning new places that you never thought of visiting before.

It will also be inexpensive compared to international travel and you do not need to switch to a different currency. Car travel gives you more incentive to explore your own region first before you explore the rest of the world.