Being 30 is one of the most exciting times of one’s life. You are finally settled or almost settled in your life. Your career is picking up pace, you are done with your college and in a good state emotionally as well. Some people might be worried about getting a mortgage and a house but don’t worry all of that can wait. Let’s focus on getting you some amazing experiences.

It is a confusing world. We all earn money to do things that we want to do and then end up not doing them. To ease off your bucket list a little, here are 5 things travel-related things you should definitely do before you are 30:

  1. Travel solo

There are only a handful of things that have the capacity to give you the same thrill and feeling of liberation as traveling solo. Before you hit 30 it is absolutely vital to your exposure to travel solo. Learning how to navigate in a foreign country all on your own, it empowers you. This experience is one of a kind as you are truly your own boss. You get to decide where to go, what to eat when to go to sleep etc. You don’t have to burn the bank, you can try traveling inside your country but it’s a must.

  1. Go on African Safari

Speaking of unforgettable experiences, if you love animals and dirt you will quickly fall in love with safaris. Be it the one in Kenya or South African safari, watching those cheetahs roam around freely is one of a kind. Spot the big five, the elusive rhino, cape buffalo, lion, leopard and the African elephant. Going on a safari can also include something as peaceful as bird watching. We also recommend glamping if you aren’t too scared of the bears knocking on your door.

  1. Make foreign friends

While your friends or significant other can be fun, the magic of traveling with a foreign friend or finding friends in the countries you travel to is a whole new ballgame. The bonds you will develop will be beyond words, pun intended. Getting in touch with people of different cultures, ethnicities, and mindsets can expand your horizons beyond measure. You learn to become more tolerant, accepting, and forgiving. 

  1. Go camping

There is something magical about sleeping under the stars. Camping is one of the most thrilling forms of living. It activates and nourishes our primal instincts. We recommend setting up your tent under beautiful mountains, barbecuing under the moon, and then finally falling asleep under the stars. Unless a bear shows up, you will end up with one of the most cherished experiences of your life. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to disconnect from the online world and just breathe. Steer clear of glamping, do the real set up your own tent wrong three times and then get it right camping.

  1. Take a cross country road trip

Feeling the dirt on your face from a long road trip is different from luxury plane travel. Make sure to have good company or go alone because road trips are not about the destination but about the journey. We recommend taking a road trip of at least 7-10 days. Not only will you remain friends forever with the people you take but also learn quite a few life lessons on your way there.

Traveling is on the bucket list of every individual alive. Be it mountains, waterfalls, safaris, and what not. Odds are if you start planning today, you can cross some of these off your list soon. Remember traveling isn’t expensive, it’s about priorities. Let us know what you have done so far and what other ideas you have on your travel bucket list.