As famously said motivation doesn’t last more than a day and so does bathing which is why we have to do it every day. Have you been feeling very low lately when it comes to traveling? When you are busy working and you have lived around family and friends it gets comfortable. This causes us to leave our beachy and mountainous travel plans for tomorrow. 

Years go by and you realize you haven’t even stepped out of your city for a while. While planning a trip you might get demotivated not only because life happened to you but also sometimes our family and friends just disparage the whole idea. Here are some tips to avoid thinking I should listen to mom, these long road hours are killing me:

1.Devote time

Let’s face it, stuff is always going to keep coming up and you will always have laundry pending when you sit down to plan your trip. We recommend devoting proper time to planning your trips from accommodation all the way to the places you are going to want to visit. Making it a consistent habit and part of your routine just 30 minutes a day of planning and keeping it on your calendar will help you be regular. After all it’s your calendar, you cant skip it. 

2.Hold yourself accountable

One of the best ways to keep us humans on track is holding ourselves accountable to others. Whether it’s a friend checking up on you, betting money, or just having someone involved in the plan. These tricks will help you stay focused. The societal pressure will also make sure you don’t fall off the wagon and give an extra boost of motivation to follow through

3.Make a list of places

Having a list of places you want to visit and regularly marking where and how you would like to go there. Seeing all these places helps keep the motivation in check. If you are creative pick a medium to express your love for travel such as a scrapbook or an illustration.

4.Meet other travelers 

It’s near to impossible to stay motivated for longer periods of time if the people around you keep questioning your decisions of traveling. If you are struggling to lurk around travel forums, attend travel story events. You can also use apps like couchsurfing and meetup to get together with other travelers. Moreover, try to distance yourself from naysayers till you get back on the road.

5.Read Travel blogs

Last but not the least, reading about other’s experiences of travel helps you realize that it’s much easier to travel than most people think. Advice and tips also assist us in realizing that gone are the days when travel used to be a luxury. It’s not only practical, realistic but also financially possible as well. 

It’s perfectly natural to lose motivation while traveling for long or not having traveled at all. Like most people, we all get excited about a trip, and then the doorbell rings, and it’s uncle sam asking for some salt. We usually forget things in the hustle-bustle of our life. Hope these tips keep you motivated and put you back on the road/airplane